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Join our ecosystem to participate in permission-less and non-custodial swap of digital assets across chains, act as a liquidity provider, and more while earning commission on every trade. Join ACARDEX in creating an intuitive platform for trading Cardano Native Tokens with ZERO fees while enjoying swift transactions.

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Acardex is an AMM based non-custodial decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain, that offers liquidity pool for its traders, allows its users to participate as liquidity providers while earning commission on every trade and create a market where others can swap their Cardano native tokens at a very low fee. This is the paramount reason for which Acardex was created.

Basically, we offer solutions to major problems faced by the Decentralized Exchanges which include but are not limited to; adoption of automated market makers, availability of access to liquidity poolnstructured by our smart contract, token swap across blockchains (interoperability of tokens) and so on.

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ACX Decentralized Exchange

ACARDEX operates a decentralized exchange and automated market maker (AMM) with a group of pioneers set to develop on Cardano and utilize every opportunity it presents as we maintain our values which include; sustainability, decentralization and financial inclusion.


The core purpose of every decentralized exchange is to ensure non-custodial and permission-less transactions with no need for KYC, when fully launched, Acardex will offer a very secured and hack-proof platform where users can carry our transactions without fear or doubt.

Liquidity Pool

Apparently, for any DEX to achieve sustainability, there should be existence of liquidity pool with which trading activities are carried out seamlessly and successfully. Acardex being developed on Cardano community will allow users to participate in the liquidity pool and earn reward on each transaction

Vote & Governance

Acardex native token holders can rightfully engage in important decision-making, cast votes and participate in any governance issue. To maintain decentralization, ACX token holders will help to shape the future of Acardex protocol by actively decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals.


Acardex platform enables users to by stake and lock down their coins for a certain amount of time to support our blockchain network and as such, earn interest or rewards . Our staking platform can be a way to generate passive income, as we will offer better interest rates compared to other platforms.

Interoperability -

With the Mary and Alonzo hard fork upgrade on Cardano network, ERC-20 and BEP-20 project developers can via smart contracts can easily bridge their tokens to the Cardano network using our token bridge contracts. This is ultimately enable cross-chain trading of tokens from Cardano chain to another chain and vice versa.

Swift Transactions & Low Platform Fees

Our user friendly platform will ensure a very fast transaction when a user wants to trade or swap other tokens at a very low fee, with our native token, no fees will be charged.


Setting The Industry Standard

ACARDEX when fully launched, will be based on the UTXO mechanism of the Cardano Blockchain structure which will ensure a decentralized trading while utilizing the EAMM (Extended automated Market Markers) technology. This literally entails usage of P2P (peer-to-pool) method to determine the asset price algorithmically using the conservation function utilizing the UTXO mechanism highlighted above rather than matching the buying and selling sides that is peculiar with centralized exchanges.

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The Acardex Mission

Acardex is geared towards developing the best and most unique decentralized exchange on Cardano ecosystem, our platform utilizes the automated market maker protocol to eliminate the need for any intermediary while trading native Cardano assets. We are also on the mission to ensure that users can swap their digital assets across chains seamlessly like Ethereum via our bridge or converter and earn passive income while trading Cardano native tokens with no fee and lightening speed transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acardex?

Acardex is a decentralized exchange which adopts the automated market maker protocol, and is being developed on the Cardano network where users can trade, swap tokens and utilize other unique functions on a highly secured, un-hackable, cheaper and very fast platform.

Why is Acardex Unique?

Acardex is unique as it is the first decentralized exchange on Cardano being developed to have some features like interoperability which is transfer of assets to another network, launch of Acardex NFT marketplace where users can mint and trade NFTs seamlessly, launch of Metaverse features etc. (Please check our white paper to get more details).

When will Acardex DEX launch fully?

We judiciously follow our roadmap, one can therefore check the stage at which our development is at, and then know when other activities to complete before the launch of our DEX platform. However, by third quarter of this year, our DEX should be functional.

Acardex admin contacted me. Is it okay?

No it is not. Please note that no admin of Acardex will contact you first. Anyone who contacts you first is likely a scammer and should be reported to us for immediate actions. If such person messages you on Telegram, please chat up an admin immediately or report by sending us a mail via [email protected]

Our ICO Distribution

$ACX native token distribution has been designed such that it will maintain a community-driven and decentralized network which can never be controlled by any central power or people. The total amount of $ACX token available is 1,000,000,000, they will be minted and distributed as stated below.

Token Allocation

Acardex Team

The team at ACARDEX is comprised of a multi-cultural group of crypto-enthusiats, brought together by the goal of democratizing finance!

The Acardex Vision

Our team of innovative members are putting plans in place to offer some other DeFi services on Acardex platform, these services will include but not limited to; addition of NFT marketplace where our users will be able to mint and trade NFTs seamlessly while utilizing our native token for every transactions, development of IDO launchpad for start-up projects on Cardano blockchain, development of metaverse where users can purchase virtual lands, good and engage in other activities like gaming etc. Like we earlier stated, we are poised at providing rare and unique features which can not be found on other DEX, and joining us in this journey will be lucrative and fun.